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An Introduction to WebSockets

Last week I gave a short talk at BelfastJS outlining WebSockets: what they are, how you use them, examples, warnings and alternatives. That should cover the basics I think.

A few months ago I spoke at BelfastRuby and it was good again to be sharing some knowledge with a bunch of people enthusiastic about technology and the local community. Hopefully we can keep things going and help make Belfast a supportive environment for those involved in the knowledge economy.

The slides are online along with the code for the demo app.

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  1. Great post mate! That should help demystify things a little bit. Look like the support still isn’t quite there yet. But at least people seem to be headed in the same direction. Nice to know there’s alternatives there in the meantime.

  2. I’ve found them a curiosity but haven’t used them in anger yet. Glad you liked the slides :)