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Home time is a little closer

Before calling it a day last night I pushed out another release of my “toy” web-application, Thank you Capistrano!

I mentioned last month that I was intending on following the “release early, release often” paradigm with this project, but as always, life had other plans and I found myself doing very little hacking outside of the 9-5. Regardless, I believe this release provides a great deal of extra functionality and I’m content to just have gotten the code out the door.

I’ve had some great fun playing with AJAX for this release and I was pleasantly surprised to see how my understanding of this technology has increased in the past year and a half. JavaScript now has a warm place in my heart ;)

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  1. Oh dear lord. If clock-watching at work wasn’t already torturous enough… I guess it’s nice as a little test-bed app but if you are planning to seriously use this you’d have to be some sort of sado-masochist.

    You know that on the very bad days you will swear you see it going backwards.

  2. When I was doing ops support @ $BIG_CORP most of my day was spent waiting for the pain to end, hence the original inspiration for this ;)

    I found it interesting to see how quickly I could bring an idea from an empty repository to production release and it’s also a useful showcase of my AJAX skills :)

    I guess some days it’s better not knowing how much longer is left…

  3. I tried it 8:43am local New Zealand time and got the message “It’s after 12am – time you weren’t here”. Maybe you need to configure world time zones, or maybe it’s not worth it. not sure which.

    Best of luck with it though – I know how hard it is to work on stuff at home after working all day on the same things as part of your job! There’s only so much development you can do before the code starts looking hazy and boring…