Squid? Yes please!

When I’m out in a Chinese restaurant my favorite dishes to order usually involve seafood, with salted chili squid being a regular delight.

Squid is something I had never even thought of cooking before and recently my good friend Nick K mentioned that it was not only easy to cook but also inexpensive to buy from the ethnic store just down the road from me.

In my naivity I presumed the squid I purchased to resemble that served to hungry diners, albeit uncooked and frozen, so you can imagine my surprise when I defrosted a box and saw a bunch of these guys staring out at me:

squid - raw

A primal fear rose in me yet I was determined to see the process through. Some furious googling provided me with necessary instructions on how to prepare squid and I got busy gutting and cleaning:

squid - gutted

I chopped the mantle into rings and after 90 seconds stir-fry in a hot wok this was the result:

squid - cooked

A perfect high protein snack, moderate in carbs and fat. Nom.

Is it home time yet?

I’ve just released the first iteration of hometi.me which provides an answer to the important question of is it home time yet?

My general dislike of working for a living inspired me to craft a python script during my tenure at $BIG_CORP and last week the creativity bug bit me and I decided to quickly develop a web-application and get it publicly available. Thanks CakePHP!

I’m following the “release early, release often” philosophy and as such this iteration only has the most basic of functionality but I’ve some more interesting/useful things planned and will get them out as soon as possible.

Deadlift Friday – no injury shocker

Once again it was my weekly deadlift session this morning but unfortunately I have no injuries to share with you all this time:(

My lower-back and hips took a battering though so I might me complaining tomorrow and there would appear to be a possibility of having some tasty bruising over my left clavicle and anterior deltoid from doing front-squats of which I’ll post a photo of if they “shine through” :)

This session culminated in 98% of the maximum intensity for my 5-rep deadlift, so all being well next week will see 100% and things will then take on a more psychological edge as the fear of lifting a progressively heavier weight kicks in.

Love/hate all the way!