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Bye bye $BIG_COMPANY – Steve leaves the enterprise

I’m preparing myself for my last cycle home from $BIG_COMPANY.

On the whole the experience has been, well, experience: neither good nor bad but worthwhile all the same. I do have gray hairs now though.

Soon, process monitoring, environment management, receiving 700 emails a day and being on-call will be a distant memory. Along with my nemesis of the past 9.5 months, the Tibco TIC.

And yes, before you ask, I have my name barrel in my pannier bag ;)

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  1. Congratulations! I am sure you will enjoy a new challenge. I know I am and I haven’t had to type ‘ps -ef’ once since I left. I took my name barrel too, though I still have to get it out of my car boot :-)

  2. Cheers Conor!

    What I had to type daily was slightly different: ‘/usr/ucb/ps -auxww’ hehe. I’ll possibly never use Solaris again ;)

  3. Dude,

    So you took the TOIL (or maybe, didn’t take it, it never mades sense to me) and deprived us of the opportunity to say good bye.

    Well, good luck with the new job an’ all you lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky b*

    P.S. You should have aliased that ps command to ‘ffs’.

  4. mj: cheers! I hope you haven’t had too much flak to deal with due to my departure…

    Phil: as I was monitoring the production apps, doing some environment management and processing hundreds of emails yesterday – my daily grind, basically – I immediately decided against working the TOIL hours, extra money be damned! Cheers for stopping by and give my best to everyone!