Ticket to ride – a break from the rat-race in Fermanagh

Ulsterbus bus ticket

I’m spending a few days down the country before I start my new my job catching up with my family, tinkering on some personal projects and just generally “getting my head showered.”

I’m enjoying the break from the daily grind with my only real task being to steel myself for the upcoming change to my 9-5 existence. I find myself so resistant to change: my levels of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt seem to automatically soar at the prospect of anything out of the ordinary, but I’m presented with a great opportunity to sharpen my development skills within a lower-pressure environment. Score!

Expect details of my new gig soon.

Bye bye $BIG_COMPANY – Steve leaves the enterprise

I’m preparing myself for my last cycle home from $BIG_COMPANY.

On the whole the experience has been, well, experience: neither good nor bad but worthwhile all the same. I do have gray hairs now though.

Soon, process monitoring, environment management, receiving 700 emails a day and being on-call will be a distant memory. Along with my nemesis of the past 9.5 months, the Tibco TIC.

And yes, before you ask, I have my name barrel in my pannier bag ;)

Oats – weekly batch preparation

I read Trent’s post on preparing oats at the weekend and decided to write about my own process. I’m also relieved I’m not the only one doing this kind of thing ;)

Part of my weekend routine involves preparing my breakfasts for the coming week. I boil a large saucepan of eggs which end up in a tupperware box in my fridge and I start a process which results in the following:

Oats - the breakfast of champions

Each container contains:

  • oats
  • raisins
  • teaspoon of cinnamon
  • pinch of sea-salt

Each week-morning, after I’ve washed and dressed, all that’s left to do is dump the contents of one the containers into a saucepan, add water and shell a few boiled eggs while my oats cook.

This leads to my favourite part of the day: eating a cooked breakfast and drinking fresh coffee while catching up on my RSS feeds.