Getting ready to launch

I’m preparing to push my code for the new Infurious site into production so we can start selling our first application, Rickshaw.

The site’s not too pretty but It Works and our freshly recruited designer Jordan has some interesting ideas for the next iteration. All the important stuff is present: people can download Rickshaw, purchase a license and the license details will be generated and mailed out to them. I’ve just had a dry run of this scenario and it all looks good.

Thankfully Aidan has been at hand and steered me away from over-engineering the project and ending up with just a mess of unfinished code :)

Doing this and holding down a 9 to 5 I’ve found difficult and the progress has been painfully slow but it will all be worth it.

Watch this space!

Site migration

I’ve just finished migrating from my home development machine to my new VPS.

DNS records have been updated and decaf is now handling mail and web traffic for the domain allow the only thing I’ve copied over is this blog.

Hopefully this will give me the motivation needed to spruce things up a bit as the last iteration of looked like it was designed by a programmer ;)

28 today

It seems like I've survived another year :)

I've just finished processing my email and am reflecting on the goals I wrote this time last year:

  • continue bodybuilding
  • write more code
  • blog more
  • increase Linux skills
  • get a “real” job

Here's the outcome:

  • I put a lot of effort into training and nutrition last year and found that when vanity is my motivation then happiness will not be mine. I'm still trying to find a long-term strategy with this
  • I developed MacServ for the guys at Mac-Sys and it is in daily use
  • I continue to blog, albeit irregularly. I still wouldn’t consider myself a “blogger” though
  • I've done a lot with Linux over the last year. My 9 to 5 involves a lot of Solaris and all my side projects involve either Linux or the BSD derived Mac OS X. This stuff is becoming more and more ingrained
  • I'm currently working for the largest company in the world. Scary biscuits!

My intentions for this year run along these lines:

  • Communicate more, whether in person or via blogging/email/IM
  • Contribute to an open-source project
  • Learn a new programming language
  • Put more emphasis on software development in general
  • Travel to somewhere I've never been before

These I think are realistic and very much achievable. More idealistic/loftier things I'd like to do:

  • Learn to touch type
  • Become a freelance/contract developer
  • Become a “Mac guy”

I look forward to seeing how much of this I'll achieve before review time comes around again. I was quite pleased to see how many things I'd ticked off my list from last year.

I've kicked off my birthday celebrations with an extra shot americano from the coffee guy at work. Chin-chin!

Infurious in person

I met my co-conspirator Aidan in person for the first time today. He's over here in sunny Belfast for a while and is working up on the third floor of the same building as myself, so we had a bit of lunch and got chatting about our plans for the future, our experiences of working for $BIG_CORP and life in general.

It was good to finally put a physical person to the online persona and apparently neither of us looks like the photos we use as avatars ;)

Go team Infurious!

ISP style mail server on Debian VPS

Last month I decided to invest in a VPS from VPSLink.

I had been considering this for a while, especially after my experience using an Ubuntu VPS with Infurious and after 2 power failures within as many weeks due to building work nearby to my home, my hand was forced. No more hosting on a Linux box on the end of a DSL connection for me!

I opted for a XEN based VPS running Debian Etch. I've really come to love APT based distros after running Kubuntu on my desktop before I was endowed with a Mac and with the relative ease of setting up all the Infurious services on Ubuntu. So I decided to go upstream and it's a far cry from my past experiences with Slackware :)

My first priority was getting my LAMP stack up and running and I spent my free time over the past few days following this excellent tutorial.

Just like many other things in the FLOSS world: you get the instructions, follow those instructions and it Just Works. This instance was no different and all I really had to so was copy and paste commands & configuration settings and I probably spent more time doing background reading, testing each part as I went along and keeping track of all the changes I made on my personal wiki.

The result is I can now host email accounts for as many domains I wish, provide access to those accounts over IMAPS and perform server-side virus scanning and spam filtering.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love free software!