ASUS Eee PC action shot

For nearly a week now I have been exclusively using an Eee PC. I promised an action shot and here it is:

ASUS Eee PC - action shot

Using this device I have went about all my regular activities, even a bit of web development.

The biggest hindrance I've found has been using a screen resolution lower than what I'm accustomed to and I'm not too keen on the button strip below the trackpad but I have gotten used to the keyboard to an extent though would certainly benefit from smaller hands ;)

Enough negativity, buy one today!


I'm currently visiting my family in sunny Fermanagh and typing this from the ASUS Eee PC handed to me by Matt as I left the office yesterday.

One word sums up my opinion of this little device: “amazement.” I'm amazed that something of this size and at a price of £220 can run a full Linux distribution, has built-in WiFi and can therefore allow me to perform all my day-to-day tasks.

So far I have been able to catch up on my RSS feeds with Google Reader using Firefox; i've ssh’d into my home development machine with the included terminal application and connected to the Infurious jabber server via Pidgen. Just a normal day at the office!

I've found the size of the keyboard a bit awkward but I always have difficulty adapting to a new keyboard anyway, and the 800×480 screen resolution is a bit limiting, but I can't find a single fault in terms of performance and if a full-sized keyboard, monitor and mouse were attached then I could use an Eee PC as a daily workstation no problem.

Hopefully I’ll be able to grab an photo of this gadget soon so you all can have a look at it in action.

Infurious Update

Just a quick update on what I’ve been working on for Infurious recently.

Since finishing up on configuring Jabber I’ve been developing our website with the specific aim of allowing customers to download our products and purchase licenses for them.

For this I’ve returned to CakePHP and been tinkering with the PHP portion of the AquaticPrime framework which Aidan has implemented in our upcoming application, Rickshaw.

Other highlights have been working with the PayPal Sandbox and writing a component which generates “Buy Now” buttons for our apps and then handles the Instant Payment Notification and Payment Data Transfer callbacks once the transaction has been completed.

My current task is generating the license details, emailing the details to the customer and finally bunging a copy into our database for future reference and backup purposes…

It beats making minor configuration changes for the world's largest financial institution any day!