Back in Mac

I’m writing this on the shiny iMac Matt dropped off the other night. As it stood, I was the only guy in Infurious not on the Mac platform, which is a pretty fundamental prerequisite for working in a Mac shop, don’t you think?

I’m having to get re-used to the keyboard again and the mouse is giving me some difficulty which might just be due to the mouse itself, but all-in-all it’s been a not-unpleasant experience so far!

I’d forgotten how elegant the whole Mac lifestyle is. I’m used to Linux on my desktop and so I’m accustomed to a certain degree of clunkiness and things not always working the way I’d like. Not to mention that I have to use Windows 2000 during the 9 to 5, so it’s been like a breath of fresh air, which makes the contrast even greater.

I do most of my work on Linux boxen via the command line, along with a web browser and a mail client, so at the end of the day I have a similar experience no matter which platform I’m on and through the magic of free software I can use pretty much the same applications which makes things even easier.

Now that I have the hardware, you never know, I might actually become a “Mac Guy” yet!

mod_python, trac and ubuntu no go

As I previously mentioned, my current task as Infurious system admin is providing the team with a bug/task tracking system, namely Trac.

My initial thought was: “our server runs Ubuntu, this should be easy…”

I could get Trac running via tracd and I could see that mod_python was working via mod_python.testhandler but the two didn’t seem to want to play together. Last night, after much frustration, I just gave up and configured Trac to run as a CGI application. Problem solved.

Unfortunately this solution will introduce a performance penalty but at this stage it’s my priority to get the system functional before I start worrying about access speed.

All I have left to do is get the Trac permissions set up and I’m going to move on to configuring a Jabber server which will free us from our dependency on Campfire.

Me? A Linux hippy? You bet!

With Infurious Intent

It’s been a busy week. The lads and myself have been quite industrious, making plans and Getting Things Done.

I’ve taken on responsibility of taking care of the Linux side of things and last night finished setting up an SSL enhanced, WebDAV accessible Subversion repository, for which Aidan has written an introductory guide.

My current task is getting Trac installed and I’m quite enjoying being up to my elbows in command line goodness. It must be the Linux hippy in me ;)

There’s definitely an atmosphere of excitement about the endeavour and it makes the day job seem more tolerable knowing there could be more interesting things on the horizon. Geek on!

Google Analytics

I got speaking to Matt this morning when I arrived in the office and he demonstrated to me the wealth of information provided by Google Analytics. It was really interesting stuff and I could see why he was so excited about it.

I recently upgraded to Apache 2.2 on my development machine, substance, to “easily” get TLS working so I could use AjaxTerm and I haven’t had the time yet to play about getting awstats up and running again.

I wouldn’t call myself a blogger and my site doesn’t draw huge traffic but it’s still nice to look at the statistics every once in a while so I decided to give it a go.

Signing up was effortless as with all things Google and the only modification required at my end was to add a reference to the urchin Javascript in my site footer.

All I have to do now is to let the numbers crunch :)


During my day job at $BIG_MONEY I’m behind a restrictive corporate firewall and as such can’t ssh to anywhere in the outside world. Which makes me sad. Step in AjaxTerm:

Ajaxterm - screenshot

What you are seeing is a screenshot of my screen session for a project I’m working on.

Editing a Perl script with vi in my web browser, I love it!