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Wikipedia HiJinks

I was reading this article on Wikipedia this morning and something didn’t seem quite right. See if you can spot it in this screenshot:

Wikipedia Screenshot

I had been up from early morning and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I read it and re-read it and still the words remained, I can’t say I was shocked but I certainly was surprised. My next thought was “hehe, who can I show this to?” quickly followed up by the more altruistic “how do I report this?” I then took a screenshot for posterity.

I didn’t have a Wikipedia account, so I quickly registered one and when I was returned to the offending article there was no mention of cream of any kind whatsoever. I was left wondering about the source of said text but decided whatever the source, it was beyond my bailiwick and just went back to what I was doing beforehand, which did actually involve the use of the plural of virus…

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  1. There was some good ones recently about Jade Goody and that chick from T4, June Sarpong whose getting an MBE for some reason:

    “At the age of thirty and after only six years as a broadcaster, she was awarded an MBE in the 2007 New Year Honours List for “services to broadcasting and charity”. It was suggested on the Steve Allen radio show (LBC 31 Dec 2006) that her MBE honour was connected with an interview she conducted with the Prime Minister earlier in the year. The interview was strongly criticised for not mentioning the Iraq Conflict. This interview was indicative of her often lazy style, and excruciating vocal facets.”


    Must wiki myself at some point….