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Let Them Eat Cake

I was chatting to Phil yesterday and we got to talking about the antics in the staff room at break time:

2:52 PM Philip: what you up to atm then?
me: trying to transfer a site over from one hosting account to another…
2:53 PM pain in the ass
Philip: i imagine so
any more biscuit site updates?
me: not yet…
I was thinking of maybe a blog entry concerning middle-aged women and cake…
Philip: haha
2:54 PM i didn’t think it was possible to talk about cake for 20 minutes
Guess I was wrong!
me: it was unreal
the hype and excitement on their little faces
2:55 PM Philip: i’m gonna bring in a tape recorder – you could put an RSS feed on your site!
2:56 PM me: get with the lingo haha
Philip: d’oh!
I put off posting about it but the Imp of the Perverse was busy whispering into my ear and I finally gave in. What is it with middle-aged women and confectionary?

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