Where Old Code goes to Die

Well, I’ve started a million different projects and finished none, so in an effort to quell the sense of dis-ease I’ve went back to whatever seemed nearest to completion before I abandoned it…

…which has meant getting stuck back into Classic ASP and MS-SQL, not nice for a Linux-fanboy-wannabie like myself ;)

Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica has been providing much needed mental stimulation while I at least try to make some progress on this thing.

The Mascara Snake: “Fast and bulbous”
Captain Beefheart: “That’s right, The Mascara Snake, fast and bulbous. Also a tin teardrop.”
The Mascara Snake: “Bulbous also tapered”
Captain Beefheart: “That’s right”

I love it!

The road to wherever-it-is-in-the-IT-world-I-am-actually-heading-to is certainly proving frustrating, but hey, one day at a time. You never know, someday I might well get those 1337 sk1llz I’m lusting after.

On a lighter note, I just over-heard a member of staff phone the newest addition to get her to send an email to everyone in the office to let them know that new stationary has arrived (the email is in my inbox as I type), words escape me.


Oldboy PosterAfter having it recommended it me months ago and having a copy of it gathering dust for nearly as long, I finally got around to watching Oldboy on Saturday night.

Twisted and dark is the only way I could describe this movie. It begins with the main character, Oh Dae-Su, drunk and in a police station. He gets released from custody, gives the police the fingers, but on his way home is mysteriously kidnapped.

He is imprisoned for 15 years with only a TV for company, begins training and attempts to escape, Shawshank style, but when he has nearly removed enough bricks to break free, he is drugged and
wakes up on the roof of the building…

I don’t want to give too much away, but the essence of the story is that Oh Dae-Su is given 5 days to figure out why he was imprisoned (he quickly finds out who). The movie is action-packed and includes the lesser-known technique of removing teeth with a claw-head hammer aswell as one scene where Oh Dae-Su eats an alive octopus (yum yum!)

To be faithful to the movie I decided to watch Oldboy with the original Korean soundtrack and English subs and after the first few minutes I didn’t notice the subtitles at all and proceeded to be entertained.

It was really refreshing to have to think during a movie for a change and the twist at the end was just demented, get yourself a copy today!


Jabber Powered

I’ve been deep in Linux-country for the past 2 days and have finally gotten a Jabber server up and running, along with the MSN transport.

I’m suprised I succeeded to be honest, but by following the instructions It Just Works. jabberd is listening on nulltheory.com, so I can be contacted via ‘steve’ at that domain (having multiple domains definitely seems too complicated at times…).

I’ve practically no knowledge of the use of public-private key encryption (studied the theory at uni though) so, as with my mail server, all communication is in plaintext for the time being.I’ve been playing about with a few Jabber clients after I discovered Gaim couldn’t make use of transports and have settled on Pandion for the time being.

Anyways, I’m outta here, the week is finally over :)


Book of PostfixAfter much frustration I gave up on using Virtual Mailbox Domains and gave Virtual Alias Domains a go instead, and it worked!

I wanted to set my mail server up like that of a commercial webhost and not have to rely on having to create a local account for each mailbox, but my Linux-fu isn’t that good :(

But I can now send & receive mail from steve {at} <$domain>, job’s a good ‘un!

Now I wish that I didn’t know about the existence of using TLS for encrypted connections to the mail server and using ClamAV and SpamAssassin for server-side content filtering…

Snootchie Bootchies

Jay and Silent BobInstead of working, I’ve been reading a series of entries on Kevin Smith’s blog about Jason Mewes and his struggle to get clean [Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9].

Not only can you read about the origins of the immortal “snootchie bootchies” but Silent Bob also talks about the countless rounds of rehab Jason had to go through and how he only got and stayed clean when he had fallen far enough.

I’m looking forward to Clerks 2 next month and, dare I say it, I might even pay for the privilege.


(It works if you work it!)

Let Them Eat Cake

I was chatting to Phil yesterday and we got to talking about the antics in the staff room at break time:

2:52 PM Philip: what you up to atm then?
me: trying to transfer a site over from one hosting account to another…
2:53 PM pain in the ass
Philip: i imagine so
any more biscuit site updates?
me: not yet…
I was thinking of maybe a blog entry concerning middle-aged women and cake…
Philip: haha
2:54 PM i didn’t think it was possible to talk about cake for 20 minutes
Guess I was wrong!
me: it was unreal
the hype and excitement on their little faces
2:55 PM Philip: i’m gonna bring in a tape recorder – you could put an RSS feed on your site!
2:56 PM me: get with the lingo haha
Philip: d’oh!
I put off posting about it but the Imp of the Perverse was busy whispering into my ear and I finally gave in. What is it with middle-aged women and confectionary?

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand [Poster] Saturday night I decided to catch up with current going ons in the world of cinema, so I put on the latest installment of the X-Men franchise.

I’d had a typical Saturday: I went to the afternoon meeting, fortified myself with some strong coffee afterwards and then hit the pool and did my usual 70-lengths of breaststroke. By the time I got home all I was in the mood for was occupying the sofa and eating like a champion.

X-Men: The Last stand - Screenshot

Adywan really came through with this release, combining maVen’s video with the audio from multiple sources, good job old chap!

The movie itself was a different kettle of fish… There was loads of action and the special effects were pretty slick, but, plot-wise, nothing much seemed to happen: a cure for the “mutant x gene” is discovered, the bad mutants want to destroy it, the good mutants try to stop them, the good mutants win. I hope I didn’t spoil the movie for anyone!

Saying that though, the movie kept me entertained for the duration, however being tired no doubt prevented me from being distracted by Other Things. If like myself, you are a fan of Sci-Fi, it’s worth a download at least, but it’s like most of the other comic book tie-ins (and most movies in general) to come out of Hollywood: heavy on the special effects, marketing and hype, but lacking in any real substance.

Windows Genuine (?) Advantage

I made the mistake of blindly installing all the Windows Updates on my machine at work yesterday and so installed the lastest version of Windows Genuine Advantage… When I was creating a Ghost image for of our new desktops I didn’t have access to our legitimate Volume License Code and so just used a pirated one, big mistake!

At login this morning I was welcomed with a dialog box like this (not my screenshot):

Get Genuine Logon

The domain logon dialog was delayed for 5 seconds and this was displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:

Genuine Victim

Victim? haha! (perpetrator more like!) Upon getting into Windows WgaTray.exe continued to delightfully remind me of my past blunder with this:

Balloon Victim

My day seemed to be off to a bad start, but a quick bit of googling claimed there was a solution and some P2P hi-jinks provided it.

I restarted in Safe Mode and replaced WgaTray.exe, wgalogon.dll and LegitCheckControl.dll in C:\Windows\System32 with the files provided in the archive, restarted and joy of joys, no nag screens :)